Friday, June 22, 2012

More of that 'Freedom is Absolutely Free' for the 98%

There's some one percent that actually serve the country, including their families. There's some probably another one percent that actually try and do what the country won't by starting or participating in organizations specifically set up to help the veterans, some even do regular volunteering at Veterans facilities like hospitals and clinics, and their families in the many issues the country doesn't fund the veterans administration to do or need help in doing. Some in the rest of the 98% give a few bucks, every now and then, and some time to help but not all. As these organizations are in continuing requests of donations, where if successful they should be able to ease those funding needs with public grants.

Slowly, while everyone has quickly moved on from, DeJa-Vu all over again, individual stories on what this generations veterans from these two wars of choice, same as the old, are going through hits as 'real' news. Greater majority of country yawns but for the handfuls that actually really do care and get it, the Sacrifice!

More of that "Freedom is Absolutely Free!" for the some 98% who not only don't serve but refuse to demand they even Sacrifice, those who served or serve don't do so for groups of citizens they serve the whole country, now a decade plus added to the previous decades of underfunding especially at times of cheering on the wars of choice!

Bill Shephard, Unemployed Veteran, Posts Army Medal On eBay And Gets Huge Bid

06/21/2012 - After exhausting his options, one unemployed veteran felt he had no choice but to make a heartbreaking, desperate move.

Bill Shephard, who returned in 2009 from serving in Iraq, put his Army medal up for bid on eBay to help support his wife and three young children. It sold for $5,200 Thursday afternoon.

“I did it out of desperation and frustration,” Shephard, 43, from Woodbury, N.J, told Fox 29. “It was a last resort.”

After his employment benefits ran out last October, neighbors began helping Shephard by hiring him for odd jobs. Still, it wasn't enough, he said. So he posted the medal for sale Monday, prompting not only monetary donations but also offerings of clothes, jobs and more.

Shephard is not alone in his struggle to find employment and support his family. Post-9/11 veteran unemployment hovers at 12.1 percent, compared to 8.3 percent for veterans overall, according to the BLS. read more>>>

The above follows this recent report, just below, on our politics and the non democratic congresses ability to obstruct in playing that politics by filibusters, and not majority vote, 51 - 49 in the Senate and party politics voting in lockstep in the House, in beating down much needed policies for the country.

Food Stamp Cuts Could Hit Military Members, Veterans

They do those congressional politics, especially as they continue saying they have the plans for economic growth, jobs and more, and do nothing or extremely little, after they themselves brought the economy to it's knee's with their politics. Related to veterans for decades now and those they represent love it, in concert with the private sector, who they and the corporate execs want to regulate themselves, corruption and outright criminal activities.

It also follows this, below, the initiatives of one government branch, the only one, that has been ongoing in relation to the military personal, veterans and the families of. This branch doesn't make the policies, that's what the federal congresses do as do the state legislatures where same political games are played not for country but for their brand of political ideology. Nor can they directly place much needed public funding into place in their cabinet agencies without fighting for same to get the policies of those needs through congress, both houses of. They did that a few years back and it worked great, even though the politics not enough was injected into the economy. But the Veterans Administrations relatively small piece of helped advance many issues, even with a certain politics arguing that stimulus didn't work at all, ignored for way to long or could only be attempted with the funds from a long underfunding and with hope they could get more in the coming years to continue fixing the needs, not only for this generations veterans of these two wars but the older generations veterans long discharged from our service and our wars especially.

If you can't get those reagan capitalist 'job creators' to invest in actual economic growth, as free market capitalism was sold would happen, constant economic growth, the trickle down, embarrass them into hiring what they already know they need but still want to hoard that wealth and come up with many excuses for not using those hoarded funds they keep growing on the labors of all, no sharing or as little as possible

More than 5,000 Veterans and Military Spouses Hired in 3 Months

And instead of the country, Support The Troops, and demanding their government representatives Demand the Country finally Sacrifice, especially those wealthy and their growing wealth, they will settle, again DeJa-Vu all over again, for a few hour parade or a same in welcome homes, only a few attending, rest watching news clips after, and waving those flags of their patriotism, the patriotic message posters and of course the words of same and of that support.

The new 'magnetic ribbons'.

Think 'Desert Storm' and 'Gulf War Syndrome', Ignored till the last couple of years, finally helped along with the VA's share of the recovery funds which gave a big enough boost to the underfunding in that budget to at least start the needed help long ignored, after their 'Parades'!

Have the 'Welcome Home Parades', and more, but at each the one word that should be spoke, especially by any political figure speaking to those gathered, and on the minds of All, 'Sacrifice', Demand It, You Owe It!

And in closing and speaking about jobs especially related to veterans the VA is hosting three major events at Detroit’s Cobo Center June 26-29 where the message is Veterans Encouraged to Apply Now for more than 24,000 Jobs Nationwide. You can find more information in the links of the press release if you follow the above link along with more information. Also other recent Press releases at the VA list of. They plan on more, had one in Washington DC not long ago, and there are a couple of groups that have been holding veterans job fairs around the country which local news stations and papers have reported on. These jobs and or the participating companies can be found online. And here's a headsup of one Government initiative announced yesterday, the 21st, from the Department of Transportation pointed at Veterans and their needs in the agency that these veterans are well qualified to fill.

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