Thursday, June 21, 2012

'Climate Change Is a Huge Opportunity' Business Opportunity

Always has been and not only related to the coming growth in the changing climate, though that was always thought of as the huge reward for the planet added to the many others. When entrepreneurs, some forty years back, started developing the clean alternative possible energy sources from the sun and built and installed same, wind and water had been around for centuries but not further developed, then were blocked from going forward by the special interests still blocking today. Handfuls of people continued advancing on their own, going of the grids and living on their own sustainable clean energy sources, handfuls of innovative minds and bodies. We lost an awful lot of time and the planet is suffering from that, yet some maintain, at the special interests requests and funding, there is no problem, even as mother nature gives the growing proof of in the devastating numbers and strengths of storms and the growing rapidity of changing temperatures and seasonal weather with records shattering over just a few years times from not to far back decades to hundreds of years past.

Interview with Richard Branson - The battle to prevent global warming
06/21/2012 - SPIEGEL: Sir Richard, do you know the German word "Angst"?

Branson: Of course I do. We in England have adopted the term "German angst" from you.

SPIEGEL: One of the approaches to stop climate change that you are favoring is carbon capture and storage, meaning filtering out the carbon dioxide emitted from industrial plants and storing it underground. This method is very controversial in Germany because of safety concerns. Are the Germans excessively timid?

Branson: I don't want to criticize the Germans, but I do believe that we need new technologies to stop climate change. German industry in particular could make significant contributions in this regard. You just have to look at what companies such as Bosch, Siemens and BASF have accomplished in the past to realize this.

SPIEGEL: What are you doing?

Branson: The fight against greenhouse gases offers huge opportunities for profit. In order to promote this idea, some friends and I have founded the Carbon War Room. We think that one way to look at climate protection is to regard it as a business model, because our only option to stop climate change is for industry to make money from it.

SPIEGEL: You are going to visit Germany in the near future. What are your expectations? read more>>>

Don't Complain, Do Something!

It's Time for Business to Take Lead on Environment

06/21/2012 - Inter-governmental attempts at environmental protection have failed. It is time for environmentalists to recognize that fact and turn to industry. The "Green Economy" has become the new watchword at the Rio summit. But can Starbucks, Shell and Nestlé really save the planet?

It was predictable. The Rio+20 environmental summit looked like a failure even before it really began. On Tuesday evening, the delegations of United Nations member-states agreed during the preliminary negotiations of Rio+20 to adopt a final declaration that isn't worth the paper it will be printed on.

More than 100 heads of state and government have gathered at Sugarloaf Mountain to bore us with their dry declarations of intent and flat discussions. They talk and talk, and in the end they will disappoint us to no end.

And that's not necessarily such a bad thing.

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