Thursday, June 21, 2012

Profitting off the CIA's 'enhanced interrogation' programme

There's one of many many questions I still have, as many do and not in conspiracy form, related to the extremely failed U.S. policies as to 9/11, Afghanistan and Iraq. That question is how much it costs this country, off the books like the congressional rubber stamped war costs, to buy countries into supporting the Iraq invasion, abandoning the main mission for why we even sent troops into that region as well as the U.S. promises to the Afghan people of not only the main mission but helping them rebuild after decades of war and occupation. None of these countries came on board without promises of something, especially those that sent only a few troops or none at all, and they wouldn't be included in the actual war costs off those books. Added to that would be the CIA's budget related to same, always secret, and especially in setting up these 'secret prisons' all over and in countries known to practice torture on their prisoners especially political prisoners against our laws and international laws we helped write and steer to passage. These also would not be added to the still growing war costs but be separate and hidden from. At the time of 9/11 the deficits were already starting to build as that administration and congresses had already taken down the small surplus that the previous administration had left them, then we had tax cuts, huge ones for the wealthy, and extremely faster rising of the deficit numbers. All helped with corrupt private business practices and the failing reagan capitalism ideology to bring down not only our economy but spread far and wide to all the so called first world economic countries and continues with close to total collapse and very slow growth while the reagan capitalist hoard their growing wealth with some made off these wars, those costs still ongoing.

Corporations collaborated in CIA 'black site', claim lawyers
21.06.2012 - A London-based human rights organisation has accused corporations of profiting from the CIA's alleged deportation of US political prisoners to a secret 'black site' in Poland.

The Reprieve NGO is international lawyers claims that Palestinian Abu Zubaydah, who was arrested in Pakistan in 2002 and has been granted victim status in Poland's ongoing investigation into the alleged secret CIA probe, was first transported to Thailand.

There he allegedly “became the guinea pig for the CIA's 'enhanced interrogation' programme,” or, as human rights groups argue, torture.

The Reprieve NGO states that after “several months of torture”, Abu Zubaydah and another prisoner, Abd al Rahim al-Nashiri – who has also been granted victim status in Poland's investigation – were transported to a CIA “black site “ near Stare Kiejkuty, northern Poland.

Reprieve claims that a private military contractor, DynCorp Systems and Solutions, “arranged the trip for the US government as a cost of 330,000 dollars,”(1.1 million zloty).

The human rights group identifies Gulfstream jet N63MU, operated by First Flight / Airborne Inc., as the aircraft that flew the round-trip from Washington DC, picking up the prisoners at Bangkok, and then flying “via Dubai to the remote Szymany airfield in Poland, before returning via London Luton.” read more>>>

When they left the executive branch, many still in congress, the incoming administration put all the costs, sans the CIA I imagine, back on the books thus rapidly ballooning the deficits. Those costs related to the previous admin and the wars etc. nor the costs for the results of those extremely failed policies, especially as to the veterans of those wars, have yet to be paid. That's what growing deficits are, unpaid loans and when growing higher interest on same is added.

Slowly those other costs may be finally starting to see the light of day, and ignored by the main free press outlets owned by those reagan capitalist!

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