Thursday, August 16, 2012

About This OPSEC, Special Forces Group

Instead of disgracing their service, but more important their brother and sister active and veteran service, young and old!

These present 'swiftboaters' would do better at their 'educating', saying they are and this attack is not political, if they took that conservative deep pocket money and invest in public service ads, and more, in helping themselves but especially their brother and sister veterans and demand the country finally sacrifice, which them deep pockets made wealth off the wars directly or indirectly and with huge tax cuts right from the beginning, as the tiny band of Vietnam brothers should also have done as both present theaters raged and instead of the conservative mentality of fun with the 'purple heart bandages'. A decade plus now of not added to the previous decades of underfunding the VA while ignoring the many issues of the veterans especially sent into our majority cheered on wars. These present wars, after abandoning the main missions for even sending soldiers into that region with the majority support as the first drum beat was sounded pointed at Iraq, have not been paid for. But especially the results of both and again added to the previous decades of veterans, all costs rubber stamped, off the books till the present executive administration and borrowed, after the surplus was gone and deficits started rising Before 9/11 and the long years, one still very active theater, have since been added to that growing deficit, each day.

Here We Go 'swiftboating' Called Politics!!

USN All Shore '67-'71 GMG3 In Country Vietnam '70-'71

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