Thursday, August 16, 2012

Between Iraq and A Hard Place

GI Film Festival
08/15/2012 - Our U.S. troops come home from war and take off their uniforms and blend into society. But the war hasn't ended for them. How can we help them transition? Learn what they think, feel and experience during war through interviews backed up with their personal video footage shot in Iraq. If we understand what our troops really think and feel, we can better help them.

Between Iraq and A Hard Place
About Film

What happens when a young man or woman goes to war and sees death, killing, and tragedy and experiences fear on a daily basis? Do they return home the same? Of course not. Can the changes be reversed, altered or the effects reduced? We hope so. Are we doing enough as a Country and people to help our returning troops heal in body, mind and spirit? The answer is not clear but emerging information would lead us to believe that more can and needs to be done. Much more.

Between Iraq and A Hard Place explores these questions from the perspective of the troops who need this help. If we can understand what our sons and daughters of war feel and fear, we can better know how to help them. read more>>>

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