Friday, August 24, 2012

Denmark's Successful Embrace of Wind Power

Embracing the Wind Denmark's Recipe for a Model Democracy
08/24/2012 - Western democracies consider themselves to be efficient, farsighted and just -- in other words, prime examples of "good governance." But in recent years, the euro and debt crises, along with wars in Iraq and Afghanistan , have shattered faith in the reliability of Western institutions. Disconcerted Europeans are casting a worried eye at newly industrialized nations like China and Brazil . Can the West learn something from countries that for so long sought its advice? This is part III in a four-part series looking at how the world is governed today. For part I, on Brazil , visit link for backlink. For part II, on the United States , visit link for backlink. Check back for part IV, on China , next week. read more of part III>>>

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