Friday, August 24, 2012

Reminder to the OPSEC Swifties II for Tampa Rally

Came across this a few hours ago over at Buzzfeed:

Anti-Obama SEALs Plan “Surprise” At Republican Convention
Three Special Forces veterans groups critical of the White House are planning to take their message to Tampa. Billed as “a high-energy tribute to the men and women” in the military, it will include former SEAL Team Six members and “surprise guests.”

And wanted to make sure, if any trolls missed the many reports ya all and my reminder in a post that 'Swiftboat II' should also Regurgitate this:

Purple Heart Bandages II

After all we still have one war of choice, main missions abandoned with the first drum beat pointed at Iraq, that invasion and long occupation built on the leaking of a ton of false so called intelligence by that administration {isn't that the education you're preachin for you even being}, and with almost the full countries support of which one important mission was the capture or killing of bin Laden, ongoing. The main reason we sent Military troops into that region in the first place. And 'purple heart bandages I' came out of Swiftboat I, now called, even though the few of have been around since the Nixon years and were a favorite tool of his, and were not only worn but laughed and joked about as the Country were sending troops into both wars of choice.

Wouldn't want ya to miss all that flag wavin supper patriotic support for the troops without the symbols that can be carried on and into the Convention Hall and worn by those

modern day patriots

attending your gathering outside of and with ya.

Here's a few more pics to give ya some pointers on where they can be worn for maximum laughter and fun:

See even the men can get in on the fun, if you notice in the lower left hand corner.

The controversy surrounding conservative veterans groups criticizing President Obama over the killing of Osma Bin Laden is heading to Tampa next week, with three organizations planning to hold an event at Liberty Plaza on Tuesday.

The event, called "Defending the Defenders," is being hosted by three political action committees whose goal has been to raise questions about the White House's handling of the Bin Laden raid, as well as the alleged leaking of national security information.

"This high-energy tribute to the ment women of the United States military will feature former members of SEAL Team Six, Army Rangers, Gold Star parents and modern day patriots with a few surprise guests," reads the flyer obtained by BuzzFeed. read more with the flyer>>>

The event, for those not in the know, is sponsored by Veterans for a Strong America and Tea Party Patriots.

Oh ya, and paid for by extremely deep pocket GOTP contributors. {that good ole grassroots needs high financing}

By the way, I hope the investigation into the National Security Leak of one of the Brother SEAL Team Six members name and hometown to FOX didn't come from any of you, that's a Huge Federal Crime, and the leak put him, his family and possibly friends into possible danger from that information!

Just a reminder to ya all: USN All Shore '67-'71 GMG3 Vietnam In Country '70-'71 and I wouldn't want ya to miss out on the fun from the first appearance of them 'patriotic' bandages!

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