Sunday, August 12, 2012

GI Education Bill: For-profit colleges fight back

It shouldn't be just Democrats fighting the reality of privatization, the transfer of public funds into the hands of the few only concerned with bottom lines and certainly not quality nor innovations from each individual mind, it should be every tax payer through every representative they pay! And in this case the growth of the education industry and Not higher education!

For-profit colleges fight back as Democrats attack
Aug. 09, 2012 - The debate over for-profit colleges that has provoked arguments in Congress for months is now seeping into the presidential race.

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney plans a campaign stop Sunday at the for-profit NASCAR Technical Institute outside Charlotte – a show of support for an industry that has been hammered by Democrats in recent months.

Caught in the middle are the tens of thousands of veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars who want to finish their education and rejoin the workforce. Those veterans are turning heavily to for-profit institutions.

A recent Senate Democratic committee report found that eight of the top 10 colleges receiving post-9/11 GI Bill money from the Department of Veterans Affairs are for-profit institutions.

The report found that taxpayers spent $32 billion last year on the industry. Fifteen of the largest for-profit colleges received 86 percent of their revenues from federal student aid programs, according to the report, issued by Sen. Tom Harkin, D-Iowa. read more>>>

August 12, 2012 Too many for-profit colleges fail to deliver for students

Which by the way, all these monies add to the deficit growth. As Nobody has demanded Sacrifice especially related to the Military their Families and Veterans for a decade plus and added to the previous decades. As to this past decade plus, the deficits started rising as soon as the previous administration depleted the surplus and their congresses started rubber stamping the wants of, Before 9/11, and that never stopped as the wars costs, all of it, was rubber stamped and off the books, till the present administration, and borrowed. The tax cuts, especially for the wealthy, came with the wars and continued made worse by the total collapse of the economy and the rapid run down, which had already started, to unemployment for millions. No revenues have been forth coming, so all spent related to the wars and the veterans of is on borrowed funds as those needs grow rapidly and have the whole time. The flag wavin 'patriots' call that 'support' and that's the whole country served but for the few who really do get it and try to help in various organizations or volunteering and give of themselves , time and their labors, as real 'Support' because the government, the people, won't!

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