Sunday, August 12, 2012

Iraq Veteran Beau Biden's Warning on Romney and the VA

And keep in mind when listening to them speak, as they both spin their records in private business and public business, especially at rallies like the last couple of days since naming Ryan as the running mate, or was it next president as the Mitt said. Not a mention of Veterans nor the Military, with some six lost just this week in Afghanistan, except for one of them few words of 'support' so those there can chant the 'patriotic' 'usa' 'usa' 'usa'......., funny thing is in Norfolk, of all places, the chants weren't brought on by 'support of the troops' phrases.

Biden's son warns of Romney plan to 'voucher-ize' veterans benefits
August 12, 2012 - Vice President Joe Biden’s son Beau, a major in the Delaware Army National Guard who served in Iraq, is challenging Mitt Romney’s commitment to veterans, suggesting American military men and women may be swept up in a rush to privatization of government services under a White House led by the former Massachusetts governor.

In a phone interview with The Daily Times Herald, Beau Biden, 43, the Democratic attorney general of Delaware, said presumptive GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney has embraced elements of privatization for Medicare and other federal programs in the form of House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan’s controversial proposals.

What’s more, Biden said, Romney has more than hinted at dramatic changes to veterans benefits.

“He chose Veterans Day of last year to assemble a group of veterans to propose the voucher-izing of veterans benefits, which is a not-so-very euphemism for the privatizing of veterans benefits,” Biden said.

Last November, Romney did raise the specter of Veterans Affairs privatization. read more>>>

And as for Ryan, he's never been a friend of the VA, even while rubber stamping wars costs and not thinking once as to what the country owes those sent and sacrificing and their promised commitment of fully funding the VA, especially as we waged wars: Ryan Seeking to Cut Already Underfunded VA Budget

Jon Soltz Co-Founder of, Iraq War Veteran wrote this earlier this year, a must read: GOP Budget Doesn't Even Say the Word "Veteran"

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