Wednesday, September 19, 2012

As the U.S. Turns! Backward!!

This is what's wrong with this country the past three to four decades. Seems like we used to have plenty of common sense and critical thought within most of the population, I grew up in and into, then about that thirty years back that started reversing and greed grew instead along with the totally stupid within individuals. We used to recognize many things and attempt to do something about or through innovation improve on. In this case the farmers saw a huge potential problem coming. So big that they taxed themselves to do what was needed, now they need the rest of the money from us, their fellow citizens they supply with their hard labors, to finish that need. Trouble is they called it an earmark and now it's stuck in congress for the past three years and going nowhere. So their initial investment, almost done, will be mothballed!! And you knows who been controlling congress in obstruction the last three years plus!

Stalled legislation keeping water from Ark. farms

Money to complete a vital network of irrigation trenches through drought-stricken Arkansas farms is attached to legislation that's been stuck in Congress for nearly three years. Jim Axelrod reports.

I'm wondering if Arkansas or it's congressional representatives, though the problem of the drought wasn't quite as serious as it's grown over these past couple of years with not much in relief as they've looked to the next few years, ever requested any recovery money for this now more then shovel ready project, a perfect example of the need and one more of many projects that those funds helped, in the communities spent and beyond.

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