Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Attention Mitt Romney: Who’s part of the 47 percent

* Many of you wealthy, like those in that room with you, as well as the corporations that in some cases actually get government money, many make their wealth off of as it is like defense contractors and the needed wars, while not paying any into the peoples treasury. If any paid you all get a huge number of writeoffs before even getting to that extremely low tax requirement and we the masses are billed for all your infrastructure needs, much more then roads and bridges, you need to even exist! Speaking of those in the room. The fundraiser was at a residence of one who admires you so much he started his own vulture capitalist firm. He like you is from that family values crowd, bet even religious like you're very Mormon. Has so much wealth now, instead of giving raises or bettering the lives of those he makes it off of in the companies pilaged, he reportedly hires scantily clad Russian women dancers, not American, what's up with that, and holds lavish poolside actual orgies, booze, nudity, sex and all, for his and friends pleasures. Wonder how much he hides and what his actual contribution to society is.

Now on to those you all reap from and squeeze dry.

* Students, unlike you were who can't borrow from their parents who don't have the extra cash. And because the wealthy wanted more and more easy wealth off of others labors shipped jobs to much lower waged countries so the student here has fewer and fewer choices with huge loans to be paid back with lowering wages here.

* Seniors, most of who worked extremely hard for many years and still added their money from their labors, instead of a raise that was once a regular show of respect for their labor, into a retirement fund called Social Security and as wages stagnated or lowered especially by reagan capitalist vultures who bought out companies for profit end up getting less in their later years because they contributed less. Or those workers injured on their jobs and can't work any more, before their retirement years.

* The Working Poor, many of those parents, seniors and working poor had wages stagnated or drawn back over the last decades, with fewer benefits, by corporate vultures like you as you took over control of or stripped companies or shipped jobs to even cheaper wage countries for expanded bottom lines. Or in the so called 'right to work' states where companies benefit by paying lower wages and little in benefits.

* Soldiers and their families, serving the country and especially in the wars of choice of the hawks like you and your sons who didn't serve nor attempt to as well as most in your society circles.

* Veterans, who did serve and especially those wounded physically and mentally in those wars of choice you all made profit from as I'm sure you did with these two recent ones, or those retired from after many years of service to country and constitution. And your puppet pols keep the Veterans Administration underfunded

And still many in all those groups who vote cast ballots for those like you, so called republican and conservative, especially as to congress, state houses and local governments!

And you know what, they still will, as they did for the bush and the congressional critters who tanked everything, and I mean everything including national defense!

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