Thursday, September 06, 2012

Four-Year Decline

See what happens when the corporate vultures ship our once envied innovative trades overseas, some forty years of doing, and we instead concentrate on a bottom line profit industry 'higher education' , not for learning anymore, and we stop dreaming about advancing forward and leave the society in two camps, the very few haves and the masses of the have not!!!!
US Drops Behind Germany in Competitive Rankings
The US is not as competitive as it once was, a new report has found. Blasting Europe has become a reflex in the US presidential campaign, with Republican nominee Mitt Romney leading the way. But a new report ranking economic competitiveness has found that the US is no longer the leader it once was. This year, the country even dropped behind Germany. read more>>>
Oh and Germany still takes pride in it's trades and continues the long run apprenticeships in, learning from the experienced and from the mistakes already corrected thus making the worker even more innovative!

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