Friday, September 07, 2012

"Surviving the Peace"

“Surviving the Peace” will open your eyes to the importance of eliminating the legacy of conflict.

Surviving the Peace is a story of devastation and hope. The film follows a family devastated by unexploded ordnance (UXO), and then shows MAG's fight to rid Laos and so many countries of landmines and UXO. For a family whose land was cleared, there is hope for prosperity as that family can now farm their land and pursue a better future. This film was shot on location in Laos this past May. MAG America employee Patricia Loria accompanied filmmakers Rick Gershon and Nathan Golon from MediaStorm for the filming in this beautiful country.

Surviving the Peace takes an intimate look at the impact of unexploded bombs left over from the Vietnam war in Laos and profiles the dangerous, yet life saving work, that MAG has undertaken in the country. See the project at


Laos, located between Vietnam and Thailand, has been immersed in violent conflict for most of its existence. It is estimated that more bombs were dropped on Laos and its neighbors between 1963 and 1974 than all bombs dropped in Europe during World War II.

The devastating effects of this violence are still felt in Laos today, where unexploded ordnance (UXO) still fills the fields used for farming and continues to harm the individuals who rely on that land for subsistence. A commitment to removing the significant amount of remaining UXO is the key to developing infrastructure and reclaiming land that will allow the country and its people to prosper.

So often, a commitment to addressing a pressing issue like mine removal begins with awareness. Increasing awareness of the devastating toll landmines have taken promotes progress towards their eradication. is proud to be working with MAG America to save lives and build futures through the destruction of weapons in conflict-afflicted countries worldwide.

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