Thursday, October 25, 2012

WWII Veteran Cast Last Ballot, Passes On - RIP Brother

I posted about this older Veteran brother, Frank, a few days back as a photo of him was posted on the internet and brought in responses from all over.

Frank Tanabe Dead: WWII Vet Dies At 93 After Casting Last Ballot
HONOLULU -- 10/25/12 -- A World War II veteran whose effort to vote from his deathbed inspired thousands has died a week after casting his final ballot.

Frank Tanabe passed away peacefully Wednesday at the Honolulu home of his daughter, where he's been in hospice treatment for the past few weeks after being diagnosed with an inoperable cancer tumor in his liver. He was 93.

His daughter Barbara Tanabe said she put the American flag up outside the home to mark the day for him and their family.

"He really liked it when I put out the flag," she said.

Hundreds of thousands of Internet users saw a photo of Frank Tanabe filling out his absentee ballot with the help of his daughter last week, when his grandson posted the picture on the social media site Reddit. read more>>>

And this: "The image and his determination to vote on his sick bed struck a chord and prompted many to thank Frank Tanabe for his service and praise his patriotism." is All that the older brother veteran gets from the American, sans the many small groups and organizations that set up and help Veterans of all era's around the country and volunteers at VA facilities or Veterans related facilities, public, not wanting to Sacrifice since and blatant in the past decade plus as to his brothers and sisters of All our wars, the peoples responsibility. Those coming from mainly the oh so 'patriotic', wave a flag, speak a few words of support, use cheap symbols, and then complain they pay to much into the public coffers after they cheer on wars of choice and ever growing defense budgets with war costs that are rubber stamped and off the books, in the present decade plus till the present executive administration, and All borrowed from others! Those still being added presently for these two recent wars and occupations, they still refuse to pay, even cheering on the abandonment of the main missions the troops are sent into the region than not understand why that conflict, occupation, is still going on. More importantly the decades long costs, for the survivors of, of the results of those wars cheered on!!! In these times a decade plus added to the previous decades and wars and the underfunded VA, then they and their government representatives, many seeking to privatize the agency for profit, profit already made off wars, complain about the VA service issues, No Demand for Public Sacrifice!!

Note: And what were most of the comments posted, after the picture was and those comments from, on message boards and news reports mostly about, "does anyone know who he voted for?", that was their concern and their 'Sacrifice'!!

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