Friday, January 11, 2013

Amen: Background Checks for the Sale of Bullets

And add in a hefty 'sin' tax as well, the so called right love them for others, even stripping the others of rights, as they pay for that which they use, the heftier the better, think cigarette/alcohol, more, oh the ones that do these 'sins' get upset but don't complain when their reps push them like all good lockstep followers, taxes that end up in general funding in states and federal treasuries

Connecticut Senator: Ammunition is 'black hole' of gun control
January 11, 2013 - Vice President Joe Biden will meet with members of the video game industry today as he continues to look for ways to reduce gun violence in the wake of the Newtown tragedy. The Vice President will deliver his recommendations to President Obama next Tuesday.

One idea emerged this week from Senator Richard Blumenthal. The Democrat from Connecticut wants background checks for the sale of bullets.

"Ammunition is the black hole of gun violence prevention," says Blumenthal. "There are prohibitions against certain categories of people buying ammunition as well as firearms, but the only checks done are for firearms." According to Blumenthal, his proposal would cost tax payers an estimated $5 million a year.

While critics worry that new enforcement may unduly restrict gun owners and sellers, Blumenthal says ammunition background checks would be easy for retailers to implement. read more>>>

You straw buyers of guns, admit it you do it, should really like the Senators call, you can make even more extra cash buying the ammo for the friends you bought the guns for and shouldn't have been allowed to!! Just like the gun runnin from here to Mexico so your drugs can cross back over!! And you're such patriotic constitutionalists, right, that revenue should go directly to paying for these two recent wars, not a dime has been as the rubber stamping and deficits started rising rapidly Before 9/11, but especially into the VA budget, underfunded for decades and previous wars of choice but especially these two and this past decade plus!!

And LaPierre gots some splainin to do:

Can't tell a good gun owner from a bad gun owner, even at gun shows, another 'hey LaPierre what's that again about "the only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun" ', please refine the definitions for us reality based greater majority!!

51 Upcoming Gun Shows Ban Loaded Weapons To Promote 'A Safe Environment'

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