Friday, January 11, 2013

"Snowflakes for Sandy Hook"

From adults, especially compared to way to many other adults or we still call them that, right down to the children all over!

These types of reports show me there's still hope for not only a society seeming to want to rush into the gutter and be flushed like many before but also a World that shows it to cares even after said society shows what it really can be towards others, like much of the past decade plus and still.

Global show of support leaves Newtown "snowed in"
January 11, 2013 - Don't let the bright, blue sky fool you. This part of Connecticut is getting blanketed in snow. It started last month, when the Connecticut Parent Teacher Association asked for snow in a press release.

The release, which went out to fellow PTA members across the country, requested handmade "Snowflakes for Sandy Hook" to create a "winter wonderland" at the new school the kids moved into.

Two days later, the PTA got its first delivery.

"We were so excited. We said, 'Let's take a picture of it. We have a box already,'" says Jim Accomando, the state association president.

Asked how long it was before he realized what he'd gotten himself into, Jim replies, "Day two, and then day three, and then day four."

We're now on day 25, and the entire lobby is stuffed floor to ceiling. The entire office is crammed end to end.

"Literally an avalanche of snow -- we are buried in mail," Jim says.


But Jim has no regrets.

"Oh my goodness, I wouldn't change this for the world," he says. "Because it's awesome." read more>>>

Closing out another week where way too many have already pushed the carnage out of their minds in callous rhetoric about 'their rights' are being attacked!!

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