Thursday, January 10, 2013

Those Who Want Armed Occupation of America

Mention taxes and the mentality, lack of, of that group of (T)'s, there are no (R)'s nor frankly any conservatives and haven't been for a couple of decades, is clearly shown with his remark about "higher taxes will infringe on their 2nd amendment rights!"! This while the over the line with fear and paranoia, talk about mental problems and connected to weapons ownership and use, think the Sandy Hook shooters mom, have the flock rushing out to stock up their private arsenals with more guns and even more rounds and clips of ammunition while that rush has prices rising quickly, better easy money bottom lines for the gun merchants and manufacturers, and they don't mind at all ponying up the extra costs, just don't like taxes that they want others to pay so they get to use everything done from for free for themselves!!

Meanwhile, once again: Police Facing Shortage Of Ammunition For Training.

9 January 2013 - Officers at the Greer Police Department are part of a growing group nationwide dealing with an ammunition shortage. "It's never easy to get ammo, but since the tragedy in Connecticut, it's become even more difficult," says Sgt. Chris Forrester. Forrester heads up the training division for Greer PD. He says they started noticing problems ordering ammunition a little less than a month ago. "You'll call and they say sorry we're out, or it's on back order," he says.

The trained and constantly retrained and qualified for use on the weapons assigned or in the regulated armories, even those with desk jobs, just one area of a experienced regulated citizens militias, the law enforcement professions, along with the state National Guards, under the leadership of the state Governors!

And the flocks rushing out and individually buying thousands of rounds actually think they're not 'nuts' nor have growing mental issues while they fondle, with that orgasm gleam in their eyes, their booty and occasionally even fire off some of those thousands of rounds on a firing range, hopefully, thinking they're the real patriots who protect and defend the now no longer Civilized nor even United States!!

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