Sunday, February 10, 2013

“Dear PTSD"

War Theater Military Veterans', and civilians in all walks of life who understand they too suffer deeply and often silently from the extreme trauma's in their life, use many forms of therapy to soften, cope with or rid the nightmares of that suffering, experiences that are the total opposite of how they were brought up and taught to expect life would be when not a fantasy world of a movie or game played. Finding that violent ways and tools of, legal and illegal drugs right to alcohol, staying silent, to cope, don't work, they feed further the suffering. Especially when the rest of the societies ignored the existence of or sought to suppress by denying it existed, no more as it's finally being paid attention to but still with wide confusion caused by not listening for years to those seeking to be heard. They do so in writings, in poetry, in art of all forms. They've found some of the best was in talking and listening with those who've lived through the similar experiences and trauma's, for they better understand then those who've never experienced what's hard to explain and picture living through. That continues and one great area of therapy can be music especially when well done and of their generations styles.

Soldier Hard's hip-hop lyrics reveal PTSD's rough edges

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9 February 2013 - Sleep-starved from a repeating nightmare and weary from wondering when all that therapy would reignite his fading hope, former Army tank gunner Jeff Barillaro took aim at his stubborn target with an attack as brilliant as it was simple.

He decided to break up with PTSD.

And he would do it in his increasingly famous style — studio-recorded hip-hop, under his stage name, Soldier Hard.

“Did you listen good when I said, Leave me be? PTSD, get the hell away from me. Cuz you held me down, didn’t even let me sleep, didn’t even let me breathe, didn’t let me live in peace.”"

“I thought: If I could write a letter to PTSD, what would I say to PTSD? Then I thought: Oh, wow, this is going to be powerful,” said Barillaro, an Iraq War veteran, out of the service since 2010, who has steadily gained fame among active-duty troops, young veterans and their families for his bare, often-bleak music about the daily demons of living with severe Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. read more>>>

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Soldier Hard

Soldier Hard "Stolen Valor", Poser's

How does a Country HONOR It's Fallen, by Their Own 'Sacrifice' in Taking Care of the Brothers and Sisters They Served With!!

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