Saturday, February 09, 2013

Halabja 25 Years Later

Back then Saddam was more then just a friend and allie of the U.S. and our CIA, and the chemical weapons he had, well where does one think they came from!

The Halabja Project: Uncovering the Truth 25 Years Later
12 January 2013 - In March 1988, Saddam Hussein unleashed the worst ever chemical weapons attack perpetrated on civilians. It took place in Halabja, a Kurdish town on the Iraq-Iran boarder, under the command of Ali Hussein Majid, also known as "Chemical Ali". It is estimated that 5,000 men, women and children died in the immediate aftermath of the attack, but this remains an estimate as many of them were buried in mass graves that remain contaminated by mustard gas.

Twenty-five years later, the Kurdish Regional Government in Iraq (KRG) have now launched the Halabja Project to finally uncover the truth behind the horrific chemical attacks.

In this article, Hana Salama of the Every Casualty programme looks at the ongoing effort to reveal what has happened and to identify the victims of the attacks and bury them with dignity. read more>>>

As this well produced video, needing not dig up the history with unless wanted to, was posted after Saddam, our once very good friend, was captured in the most recent shock and awe at the Iraqi people that turned into a long deadly and destructive occupation of, now officially finally over, diversion and abandonment, with cheers from most in the U.S., of the main missions of why we sent our military into that region after 9/11!

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