Friday, May 03, 2013

Cricket Childrens Rifle: "something you can't prepare for!"?

This is a video report I caught last night. In it they talk to adults, neighbors, about the shooting with the kid manufactured gun. One adult says something to the effect that this was "something you can't prepare for!"{?}! An adult spoke those words, this is the type that shouldn't have guns around him let alone around the children!

Toddler shot and killed by 5yr old
2 May 2013 - 2yr old shot by her 5yr old brother who was playing with rifle made for kids.

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It's not just the age, it's also how responsible the adults are around the children and the examples they set, not only as to guns, and how they themselves understand what guns can and do do and the safety precautions they take in showing their responsibility and maturity, again not only as to guns, in handling their own weapons and their choices of what weapons they own as to the uses that guns are intended for! Children look at almost everything as a toy, we even need to teach they not touch a stove top burner. We are the examples, the educators of the young, of how they learn and grow with that learning!!

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