Friday, May 03, 2013

'Shell Shocked' Murder Through the Eyes of Children

New Orleans 'Shell Shocked' documentary examines grim reality of murder through the eyes of children
May 02, 2013 - The images are disturbing. Young boys in New Orleans neighborhoods point assault rifles at the camera. Teenagers brawl in a classroom. Bodies lie on the streets. A mother looks into the camera and admits she sometimes asks strangers if she can hug them because they remind her of her murdered son.

In a city long known as America's murder capital -- in 2012, the murder rate in New Orleans was 10 times the national average -- many residents say they can't help but grow numb to the daily shootings throughout the city. But a new documentary that premiered this week, "Shell Shocked," aims to cut through to viewers' hearts by presenting New Orleans teenagers' grim realities in their own words.

"I would say a gun is way easier to get than a textbook down here," says one teenage boy. "A textbook is more expensive to get to. You gotta get online and order it, you can't just walk into Walmart like that."

Shell Shocked - Official Trailer

Shell Shocked - Official Trailer from Scrub Brush Productions on Vimeo.

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