Monday, June 10, 2013

Spying on Their Citizens

Actually, Most Countries Are Increasingly Spying on Their Citizens, the UN Says
Jun 6 2013 - The NSA news is scary, but the U.S. is far from alone in the extent to which it monitors communications within its borders, a new report found.

The revelation that the National Security Agency seems to be collecting the phone records of millions of Verizon customers is shocking, but it's actually part of a growing trend in which governments worldwide are relying on widespread, unrestricted surveillance in the name of national security.

A report released this week by the UN Special Rapporteur on the freedom of opinion and expression found that as communications systems have advanced, nations all over the world are increasingly logging and monitoring communications data, many even without just cause:

"Changes in technology have been paralleled by changes in attitudes towards communications surveillance. When the practice of official wiretapping first commenced in the United States of America, it was conducted on a restricted basis, and was only reluctantly sanctioned by the courts. Over time, however, States have expanded their powers to conduct surveillance, lowering the threshold and increasing the justifications for such surveillance."
In the worst cases, countries are actually listening in on their own citizens, remotely hacking into their computers and turning on Web cameras, or logging in and intercepting Skype calls. read more>>>

Most Countries Are Increasingly Spying on Their Citizens

Keep in mind, here in the U.S. most of this is being done by private government contractors who also sub contract to other third party private entities, think of our merc armies not held to any accountability already established, not government employee's, what else could these private entities be doing with the information gathered, for pure profit and more, and would have nothing to do with National Security and the policies that expanded the need for seeking out the far flung spread from those policies of the criminal terror operations and possible retaliation from those policies!

Charlie Savage of NYT: "And so President Obama's defense today is, this is not illegal, all three branches of government are on board for it, the courts are overseeing it, Congress authorized it and oversees it, and so therefore there are no rule of law concerns.

Obviously, civil libertarians might beg to differ on constitutional grounds, but certainly it will be an uphill climb to make that case with three branches of government behind it." PBS Newshour 7 June 2013

And right he is, law it is. All of those with the tag of (R) fully supported this under the bush, not a moderate voice was heard against, led by their talking head propaganda machine from the FOX on down. Everyone else was 'unpatriotic' , and worse, if voicing opposition.

Apparently even a majority of Democrats and Independents were on board with the then teabags in support as well. Most everything that went on under the bush. For they kept many of those supportive reps on the countries payroll and elected many even more of a radical extremist mindset into office, as they collective walked away from any and all 'Accountability' which brought on the needs for enhanced intelligence gathering as more hatreds towards us were created and al Qaeda style criminal terrorism was spread far and wide.

Not only all three branches of Government but the greater majority of the country supported, so look in the mirror people, we're all to blame! Us labeled 'unpatriotic' couldn't stop the collapse of the country and it's policies!!

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