Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The Way We Were

And still developing in many ways!

What we once were, what we were once building economically and more, what we were envied for by the rest, what us older folk, now, grew up in and then into.

Me a once professional and considered so that built, commercial, residential, industrial, then relegated to just skilled labor, or just labor, with the rest of the innovative experienced trades with stagnant wages little in benefits and very little respect for our skills we did with pride and self respect, Exists No More!!!

Ex-steelworker keeps memory of Bethlehem Steel from rusting away
June 24, 2013 - BETHLEHEM, Pa. -- The steel mill in Bethlehem, Pa., has been shut down for a decade, but Richie Check, who spent more than 40 years working there, still can't get used to the silence.

"There's no more whistles, no horns, no nothing," he says. "It makes you cry."

Check is 80 years old now. His father worked in the plant, and so did his nine brothers and sisters. It was a place where 32,000 men and women made the steel for ammunition, aircraft and battleships during both world wars. The Golden Gate Bridge, the George Washington Bridge, 80 percent of the buildings that make up the New York City skyline: they were all built with Bethlehem steel.

Check and other steelworkers started a group called the Steelworkers Archives. They're working to preserve the memories by collecting artifacts from Bethlehem Steel, like the brass ID buttons workers wore. Check is curating his own small museum. read more>>>

What took it down, reaganomic so called free market capitalism, the big con, and extreme conservative ideology for the wealthy few only!!

And those once trades shipped off have never brought us cheaper products, they're just now produced by skilled workers at much much lower wages and little to no benefits with huge growth in bottom lines for the owners and big investors!

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