Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Brother Vietnam Vet. Goes After Duck Dynasty Products, VA Canteen Complies

AMEN Brother, AMEN!!!

Not only the racism, homophobic bigotry and seemingly pedophilic comments but total intolerance, in the name of their lord, but the Robertson family are in that great upper tier in income, with the grifting, A&E executives and investors as well, who have reaped profit from these current wars from huge tax cuts to possible investing in the defense industries,they also selling their wares at Military and VA facilities, and haven't paid a dime for nor in fully funding the VA and all it's charged to do in the peoples served responsibility!!

Duck Dynasty products under fire at VA medical center
7 January 2013 - A Vietnam veteran has taken aim at Duck Dynasty products on sale at a Veterans Affairs Medical Center store in Albuquerque, and it looks like all the items in his cross hairs will be removed from the canteen’s shelves.

Robert Anderson is one of many people upset over a magazine interview in which Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson made comments they found racist and homophobic. In the January issue of GQ, the 67-year-old TV patriarch calls homosexuality a sin, comparing it with bestiality. Robertson, who is white, also claims that African-Americans he knew during the Jim Crow era in the South “were happy.”

On Dec. 27, Anderson – who served in the Air Force in Vietnam in the 1960s – wrote to the canteen that he was “greatly offend(ed) that the Veterans Administration Patriot Store would sell items promoting an entertainment group that clearly stands for racism and bigotry.

“The reactionary views incorporated into the Duck Dynasty group are contrary to the policies and mission of the VA medical system to not discriminate among veterans based on race or gender,” he continued. “Please remove these ugly divisive items immediately.” read more>>>

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