Saturday, January 11, 2014

OK, time for some Good News out of NJ

With spoken words from the kids that show they understand the meaning of the words used, yet to be corrupted by the adults around them!!

January 10, 2014 - "I just think she loves the children," one student says. "She puts the love into her cooking."

Can you taste the love?

"No, you can't taste love, but you can feel love," the student says.

"And all the children love her, because she's so nice, so compassionate," says another. "She perseveres a lot."

America's oldest teacher may also be most beloved

Here's hoping they don't loose their memories of this teacher as they grow out of the innocent age and education of the world around them, like it seems so many adults do!

Brings up the thought of the e-mails from NJ authorities in the Christie administration and beyond. Are these the Democratic kids, must be the only ones that take that form of transportation to school, on the buses targeted in the days of the huge forced traffic jam!?

Also wondering what the feelings of Gov Christie are as to this teacher, we've seen him in action against another, with smiling wife standing beside him.

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