Saturday, July 05, 2014

Immigrants That Serve The Country Now "our fellow Americans"

On one side of the Country real Patriotism ceremony takes place, on the other the Poser Patriots show and speak their continued hypocrisy!!

President Obama Welcomes 25 New American Citizens on the Fourth of July
4th of July 2014 - The President celebrated as service members and their families were able for the first time to be called "our fellow Americans" on this Fourth of July,

Meanwhile, across the country and at the same time, the Poser, descendants of immigrants, Patriots:

6 Arrested as Protesters, Supporters Wait for Arrival of Undocumented Immigrants
4 July 2014 - "At one point in time, at least one of the females jumped on the back of the officer," said Murrieta Police Cpt. Dennis Vrooman.
Them a protestin you can bet that most, if any at all, have ever served the country, Poser Patriots, nor ever visited a recruiter and tried, especially after 9/11, just ask the cruz, 43 when he was hired for congress, and the rubio, just turned 43!! They most certainly haven't paid for these recent long wars and occupations nor their responsibility the Veterans Administration, the long term results from our wars especially and more then just caring for in health needs, while ignoring so many issues of!

I certainly know that those like these protestors, right to life and all and screamin at kids on buses, don't pay attention to whether those killed in Afghanistan or Iraq, over this past decade plus, were yet citizens. A number of those killed and maimed weren't, yet!!

There are many, I served with a number in the Vietnam era and with In Country Vietnam in my last year of my four, in our Veterans community. Having joined but not citizens of this Country yet, a few I served with joined and served Honorably but never sought citizenship, going back to their countries after.

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