Friday, August 29, 2014

Deaths of Chicano Soldiers in Vietnam

Just another reminder to the teabag, white supremacy, republican (R) conservatism, of those who actually serve and served you in the free wars, especially the long term ignored or denied results from you don't feel the need to pay for, for that poser patriot flag waving freedom!!

Not just the Chicano or Hispanic but the African Americans, the Native Americans, the not yet, or newly sworn in, immigrant soldiers and sailors!!

August 29, 1970

Between 15 and 30 thousand predominantly Chicanos (Americans of Mexican descent) gathered in East LA's Laguna Park as the culmination of the Chicano National Moratorium. It was organized by Rosalio Munoz and others to protest the disproportionate number of deaths of Chicano soldiers in Vietnam (more than double their numbers in the population). There had been more than 20 other such demonstrations in Latino communities across the southwest in recent months.

The Vietnam War and it's Detrimental Effects on Chicano's

Vietnam Veteranos: Chicanos Recall the War

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